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Welcome to Brain Dumps. Every week or so, I watch podcasts/shows/series that provide tons of value and fascinating ideas. I then compress the content into a quick, 10-15-minute reads. The format is easy, digestible, and is something you can easily refer back to.

Cool, let's dive into it. It was about time I did a video on Twitter superstar Jack Butcher. This video talks about building a reputation on the internet and how to earn a living from the reputation you've built. Not to mention, host Justin Mikolay asks wonderful, thoughtful questions about the entire process.

5:22 - Jack's Presentation Begins

How Did Visualize Value Start?

What exactly is Visualize Value?

Jack is the founder and CEO of Visualize Value. VV is a result of a 10-year career stint in corporate advertising and freelance work.

VV is "making the intellectual capital of organizations, businesses, and people tangible." It's a mental wealth service.

VV has a community. One of its main components is its "Build Once, Sell Twice" course. This course performs exceptionally on Gumroad: it has racked over 6-figures.

So if you weren't convinced by now, Jack knows his stuff.

Where the Idea Came From Originally

Jack first got the idea for Visualize Value from Naval a few years back. It was from the infamous tweetstorm "How to get rich without getting lucky".

At the time, he was making an alright living from corporate life, but the lifestyle was wearing him down.

Exhausted by long hours, demanding work, and lack of autonomy, he decided to try his own thing.

What really stuck with Jack was this particular idea:

Earn with your mind. Not your time.

Earn with your mind. Not your time.